Our signature sandwiches.


Kim Classic   6.50

American and Cheddar cheese on panini. (Add $1.00 for double stack.)

Great Dane   7.00

American and Cheddar cheese with Applewood smoked bacon on panini

Chef’s Choice   9.50

Duck bacon, Provolone, fresh spinach and fresh baby arugula with Sicilian cherry tomatos and aïoli on panini

Make it a “Chicago’s Best”   12.50

The Chef’s Choice with EXTRA duck bacon and red onion

Ragin’ Regan   6.75   ***

Pepper Jack and Mozzarella cheese with caramelized poblano peppers, jalapeños and onions on spiced aïoli rubbed panini

Mighty Max   9.75

Grass-fed ribeye, Mozzarella, red onion and garlic butter on a pretzel roll

Scott’s South of the Border   9.50

Chipotle chicken, cilantro-avocado aïoli, Pepper Jack cheese, caramelized poblano peppers and caramelized onions on panini

Ka$h Money   9.50

Provolone and White American cheese with a creamy ranch, apple and cabbage slaw, Blue cheese and Frank’s Red Hot Wing Sauce on country white bread

Nick & Randy’s Eggcellent Adventure   9.50

Over-easy eggs, thinly sliced chorizo, Chihuahua cheese, pico de gallo, and spinach on panini

Pork Belly Shelly   9.50

Gruyére cheese, pork belly and sweet and sour cabbage with Thousand Island dressing on seeded rye bread

Lunch Specials

Half a sandwich plus a cup of soup or fries.

(Excludes Loaded Fries, Fire Fries and Cheese Curds)

Kim Classic   7.75

Great Dane   8.75

Ragin’ Regan   8.75

Chef’s Choice   9.50

Scott’s South of the Border   9.50

Wait! There’s more!

Make any sandwich:

“Wild Style”   .50

Add Wildfire Honey*!

“Kevin Style”   1.00

Add an egg!

“Toasty Style”     .50  ***

Add spiced aïoli!

*** hot & spicy


Classic Fries   4.00

Tossed with our homemade seasoning mix

Rosemary Fries   4.00

Tossed in rosemary-infused olive oil

Greek Fries   4.00

Tossed in garlic, oregano and rosemary infused olive oil, topped with Feta cheese and a lemon wedge

Sweet Potato Fries   4.00

Topped with our own Wildfire Honey*

Loaded Fries   6.00

A larger portion of our classic fries, topped with Cheddar cheese sauce and bacon

Fire Fries   6.00

A larger portion of our Classic Fries tossed in spiced aïoli and topped with Cheddar cheese sauce, bacon, and chopped jalapeños

Cheese Curds 5.00

Home tempura-battered Cheddar curds with your choice of dipping sauce—Lemon Tabasco aioli, garlic aioli, and spiced aioli


Soup of the Day   5.00


Creamy Tomato Bisque   4.00


The Hannah Banana   7.00

Deep fried Nutella, banana purée and Marshmallow Fluff on panini.

Lucky Luis Bites   4.00

Whether you compare them to donut holes, mini-elephant ears or beignets, when you eat these fluffy, cinnamon sugar-dusted fried pastries, you’ll feel lucky! Five bites per order, served with a dipping sauce of your choice—chocolate, raspberry or caramel


Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Fanta   2.00

Bottled Water   2.00

Sparkling Lemonade   3.00